Undergraduate Research

Students in psychology are well-represented in UNC Asheville's highly respected undergraduate research program. Each year, several students assist faculty members with their research or complete independent projects of their own design under faculty supervision.

NCUR 2006

During the spring of 2006, UNC Asheville hosted the 20th annual National Undergraduate Conference on Research. Over 2,000 undergraduates from more than 250 colleges and universities attended the three-day event. Five seniors in psychology presented their independent projects at the conference:

  • Billy Joines presented the results of his investigation, “Effects of Teaching Emotion Regulation to Preschoolers on Classroom Quality.” Supervised by Dr. Voytek, Billy compared three different types of preschool classrooms, evaluating the incidence of negative classroom behaviors as well as teacher stress levels in each.  
  • April Jones discussed the findings of her research study, “The Relationship Between Volunteer Motivation and Type of Service Agency.” Supervised by Dr. Harvey, April’s project examined the reasons that individuals choose to volunteer at community service organizations of different types.  
  • Stephanie Jones presented her project, “Self-Esteem Influences in African-American Adolescent Girls.” Supervised by Dr. Himelein, Stephanie interviewed teen girls of color attending Asheville’s KIPP Academy and found them to have very positive self-concepts, especially in the academic realm. 
  • Michelle Levo discussed the outcomes of her study, “Personality and Temperament Types Within the Craft Community of Southern Appalachia.” Supervised by Dr. Brown, Michelle compared the personality profiles of three groups of artists, using the Keirsey Temperament Sorter: student and professional craft artists, individuals working in the fine arts or other creative fields, and individuals from various professions.  
  • Laura Walton presented her project, “Evaluation of a Self-Esteem Program for At-Risk Adolescent Girls.” Supervised by Dr. Himelein, Laura designed and implemented a four-session esteem-building program for teen girls living in a residential treatment center for youth with behavior problems.