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Fall 2016 Grand Opening

In Fall 2016, the DCC held its grand opening in Carmichael Hall. UNCA students, faculty, and staff, as well as local community members, were able to come check out the lending library, enter a book raffle to win a copy of Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking, and view a digital art show by community artist, Jade McWilliams.


Weekly Screenings

Throughout the semester, the DCC held open hours for UNCA and local community members to check out books from the free lending library. In addition, the DCC held weekly movie screenings throughout much of the fall semester. Each screening focused on an episode from a television show that depicted an actor with a disability, rather than an actor pretending to have a disability. Shows included Speechless, which stars Micah Fowler, an actor with cerebral palsy who depicts a character with cerebral palsy, J.J. DiMeo, on the show, and Stranger Things, which stars Gaten Matarazzo, an actor with cleidocranial dysplasia, as the character of Dustin. Gaten’s condition was written into Dustin’s character.


Spring 2017

In February, the DCC held its first event of the semester: ASL Bingo! Students gathered at the Highsmith Union to play Bingo without spoken words. Student Kasey Kelly led the event, which included several rounds of Bingo as well as prizes for the winners.

An article on the event, written by Matthew Dershowitz, is available here:



Disability Day of Mourning Vigil

On March 1, the DCC sponsored a local gathering for the Disability Day of Mourning. This was the first time that this event was held on the UNCA campus. UNCA and local community members were invited to gather to acknowledge the filicide of individuals with disabilities. A series of readings were undertaken by UNCA students Christa Mullis, Kit Sullivan, and Nefertiti Karismaida, UNCA staff member Carolyn Ogburn, and local community members, Laura Rice and Ray Hemachandra. The names of the dead were also read. 

A young women with short red hair stands at a wooden podium beneath a white tent. She is reading to an audience that cannot be seen. In the background are green bushes and trees

Rooted in Rights documentary, Bottom Dollars

Later in March, the DCC held a screening of the Rooted in Rights documentary, Bottom Dollars ( This documentary highlights the problems of sheltered employment as well as viable alternatives to a system that can trap workers with disabilities in jobs that offer extremely low pay and no opportunities for advancement.


In April, the DCC led a #REDinstead campaign. A link to our video via Google Docs is available below!