Senior Seminar

PSYC 412 – Senior Seminar in Psychology (4 credits)

Small by design, Senior Seminars provide an in-depth examination of a particular topical area and/or practice. Although course topics and assignments vary, all PSYC 412 sections are writing intensive and include class and/or UNC Asheville Undergraduate Symposium presentations in order to provide students an opportunity to meet the oral competency requirement. Prerequisites: Senior standing and 24 hours in psychology. Various sections are offered every semester.

Before registering for PSYC 412, make sure to read course descriptions in the class schedule, which outline the type of seminar offered (topical, internship, or research) and course requirements.


An in-depth examination of a select psychological topic, based on the seminar topic. Please consult the upcoming semester schedule for more information.


A seminar that requires students to conduct psychological research, based on the seminar topic. Please consult the upcoming semester schedule for more information.

Internship *Application for Spring 2023 Internship Class*

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Students enrolled in the internship sections of Senior Seminar complete 90 hours of applied experience with community agencies (e.g., group homes, school counseling offices, mental health centers, hospitals, substance abuse treatment programs, and nonprofit service organizations). Class time is devoted to learning and practicing basic interpersonal helping skills, discussing internship experiences, and examining relevant clinical issues. Writing assignments include weekly reflection essays, a resume, personal statement or cover letter, and a research-informed project. 

This course has a heavy workload but offers students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience in preparation for employment or graduate school. Enrollment requires completion of an application, available on the psychology website; preference is given to graduating seniors. All students will meet with the course instructor soon after registration to learn about and begin the process of securing an internship placement, utilizing a resource guide summarizing past internship experiences.